[Solved] How to Mount Physical Drive Partitions on vmware

By | July 5, 2013
How access physical hard disk in vmware virtual machine? Here is our first vmware article explaining vmware physical disk access easily.

After installing virtual machine on vmware workstation you cannot see your other physical partitions in virtual machine.

Everyone likes to open physical hard drive partitions on virtual machine in order to access all other files. We have already explained how to access physical hard disk on Oracle Virtual Box.

This article deals with the same issue but the platform is vmware workstation. I faced little bit trouble when I try to add my hard disk. Later I successfully managed physical hard disk on vmware.

Mount Physical Drive Partitions on vmware

Steps to vmware Mount Physical Partition Steps

Here is the simple way to vmware open physical partition.

I have 5 partitions in my PC. I want to connect the drive D:\ Data to virtual machine. My Virtual machine is running Windows 8
Step 1:
Go to VM >> Settings

vmware Settings

Step 2:
In the Virtual Machine settings click Add button.

vmware add hardware

Step 3:
From the Add Hardware wizard select Hard disk and click Next.

Add Hard disk to vmware

Step 4:
Put check mark on ‘Use a physical disk (for advanced users)’ and proceed.

Use a physical disk in vmware

Step 5:
I have 3 hard disks and 5 partitions in total, my D:\ drive located in PhysicalDrive1. Hence I choose PhysicalDrive1. If you want to access all partitions inside the drive put check on ‘Use entire disk’, but in my case I need only 1 partition so I checked ‘Use individual partitions’ option. Now click Next.

PhysicalDrive mounting vmware

Step 6:
You will be directed to Select Physical Disk Partitions, choose required partition and click Next.

Choose Logical Partitions to vmware

Step 7:
Specify a disk file name [example Data], that’s all finish.

Specify a disk file name in vmware

Step 8:
Close the vmware interface

vmware close button

Then open it again as Administrator, now start the virtual machine OS.

Open vmware as Administrator

See you can open the physical disk drive now!

Added Physical disk drive in vmware
Here See I successfully mount my D:\ drive on virtual machine.
After mounting the disk partition your access to the same partition from the host machine get blocked. You should close virtual machine to get access to the drive again from the host PC.
Access denied

[Solved] Physical Disk is already in use

After doing the above steps you may get an error message “The physical disk already in use, cannot open the disk”. In this case run vmware as Administrator.

The physical disk already in use vmware

That’s all about vmware physical to virtual drive mapping.
Wait for our next vmware article

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