Cisco Router Boot Process Steps, Diagram and Different Memories Associated with Cisco

When you power on a Cisco router, it runs a bunch of boot process before getting into work. Having an awareness of Cisco router booting process lets you to troubleshoot technical issues like IOS corruption, boot failure etc. Here’s a rundown of some of the key processes occurring just after powering on a Cisco router that is Cisco Router Boot Sequence Steps. Why do we look into Cisco boot process? It reveals what’s actually happening behind the scenes of a Cisco router. Cisco certification courses online may not covers Cisco router booting process steps. Here comes my tutorial delivering Cisco IOS… Read More »

How to Backup Cisco Router Configuration to TFTP Server & Schedule Automatic Backup of Cisco Router Configuration Using Archive

Well, we were discussing Cisco device administration guides so far. Cisco backup is vital, whether it is IOS or running-config, in your Network Administration career. Cisco router backup running config is much important while comparing to Cisco IOS software backup since you can get new IOS but won’t be able to get configurations!. Running configuration is unique and where administrators are getting paid for. So in this article I’m gonna show you Cisco configuration backup using SolarWinds TFTP server. By the way who will take regular Cisco config backup? Isn’t it boring and time consuming? Of course it is. Is… Read More »

How to Upgrade Cisco Router IOS via TFTP and Understanding Cisco IOS Naming Convention

Cisco network equipment is powered by the Cisco IOS software which is stored in flash memory of the router and moved into the RAM during boot process. Fundamentally it provides the area to execute commands to configure and administer the device. Cisco may release different version and different feature set IOS image for same platform (hardware), so you may have to upgrade existing IOS to new IOS supporting advanced features and facilities. In this article I would like to cover How to Upgrade Cisco router IOS via TFTP. Before going on to IOS upgrade process it’s important to understand Cisco IOS Naming Convention… Read More »

Cisco Router IOS Backup Configuration Guide and Restore Factory Default from TFTP Server

In our last article we have seen Kiwi Syslog server installation and configuration. Today I’m gonna discuss about some Cisco device administration guide such as IOS backup and Restore. An IOS (Internetwork Operating System) powers routers to be communicating each other. Cisco IOS is un-debated market leader for producing IOS. Backing up of IOS image is important to fix corrupted Cisco IOS. Restoring of IOS image from backup is also crucial in your networking career. There are many possible ways to backup Cisco IOS viz FTP, TFTP or RCP. This article focused on TFTP method to backup IOS. SolarWinds provides… Read More »

Setting Up a SysLog Server for Cisco by Kiwi SysLog Server

Hey what’s up? Can we have some discussion about Syslog Configuration on Cisco Router? You may hear about server monitor software and other log monitoring tools. I would like to figure out some best free syslog server for Cisco router and switches. Syslog monitoring is the life blood of Cisco administrators; they will have real time view of the switch or router which they are managing. Kiwi syslog server free edition from SolarWinds syslog server supports up to 5 syslog sources to monitor real time. In this tutorial let me explain about free cisco syslog server by SolarWinds Kiwi syslog… Read More »

[Solved] How to Factory Reset Motorola Access Point AP 6532 to Restore Default

Motorola AP 6532 is an wireless access point for business that offers higher throughput along with WiNG 5’s direct forwarding, security, QoS services and site survivability. Our company setting up a wireless network with Motorola WLAN devices, as a Sys Admin, one day I came across with the reset Motorola access point AP6532 to troubleshoot! What should we do to reset an Access Point? Everyone knows that simply hold the reset button. That’s it? What If there is no reset button? What would be the solution? We can reset by console! If there is no console port available? Woooow… That’s… Read More »

What is STP in networking? Cisco Spanning Tree Explained the Simple Way

In this article we’ll be discussing in detail about one of the important topics in CISCO switching, the Cisco spanning tree protocol or CISCO STP as you call it. So we’ll start right from the basics, what is STP network and the need for STP networking. So what is STP? STP is a derivative of network redundancy which is very common in business networks. Let me explain it the simple way. Suppose you have a situation where you need to connect two switches in your office network, and then you decide to put two connection cables between the switches so… Read More »

How to Connect Cisco IOU to GNS3-1.1 and Emulate Cisco Switch in GNS3-1.1

Well, what’s up? Today I’m going to discuss an interesting GNS3 Cisco simulator tutorial on how to connect Cisco IOU to GNS3-1.1. This is an alternate way of emulating Cisco switches in GNS3. So I hope this article will answer how to get a working layer 2 switch in GNS3-1.1 By the way what is a Cisco IOU device? Cisco IOS on UNIX (IOU) is a fully working version of IOS that runs as a user mode UNIX/LINUX platform. IOU is built as an image and runs just like any other program. Layer 2 and layer 3 IOU images are… Read More »