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Firstly I would like to welcome all of you to my blog. Let me give you a small introduction about myself and SmartPcTricks. I am a tech guy who spends most of the day with PC and internet rather than family. SPT was born during my CISCO training (CCNA) days as a means of writing down the networking notes for future reference. Then I decided to carry on with my writing on SPT together with my full time job as Network administrator due to the fact that it’s helpful to a lot of guys out there.

All of us have been through times where we had to search for some troubleshoots over the internet and the limitless happiness that comes within when we come across the right solution that works. All the troubleshooting guides and tutorials published here are based on my true experiences and hope that has helped you too in the same way.
If you like my works then follow me by liking SPTs Facebook page through which I will be sharing all our latest blog posts. Feel free to contact me any time via admin@smartpctricks.com and I will be glad to help you.
Mubashir VP

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