Best Free Online Storage for iPhone Photos: Yunio-100GB Free Cloud Storage

By | February 1, 2014

Hey there! Running out of storage memory in iPhone…? Apple i devices offer limited storage space and there is no extensible memory card facility. Feeling annoyed while Android guys are recording unlimited videos?
After each week-end celebrations, I got fed-up with the message “Low storage memory” in my iPhone 5s. Though mine is 16GB…

Your iPhone keeps saying “Insufficient storage space” and is limiting your camera addiction? Why don’t you think about the cloud storage? While selecting a cloud storage service, what’s the most crucial feature that you look for? Enough storage space? Improved security? Or the best sharing proficiencies?

Yunio-Best Free Online Storage for iPhone Photos
Which is the Best Cloud Storage for iPhone 5s in 2014?

Cloud storage services not only retain us by sync our files wherever we are, whenever we need them, but they can be a great way to backup, share, and collaborate as well.
Popular applications like Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox are the best cloud storage app iOS but they are limited to 10GB maximum storage or even less. According to me 10GB is nothing, really nothing…

Another limitation of those Apps are individual file size, they offer only 2GB per file size. So far I was looking for the best online storage for iPhone photos. After many more experiments I found the best cloud storage iPhone app which offers free online storage for iPhone photos and videos and here I’m sharing it for you.

Consider one cloud application which gives you storage service of about 100GB, You might be able store 100GB in the cloud absolutely free…! 100GB is good enough!
Yes of course, Yunio cloud storage application lets you to store data up to 100GB with 25GB per file size

It’s really amazing as other best cloud storage service for iPhone offers limited file size…
Yunio, the perfect cloud storage brings you 100GB FREE storage space…! This could be the best free cloud storage for iOS.

Download the Free Online Storage for iPhone Photos – Yunio

Go to Apple App store and search for Yunio, which is a Chinese application.

Yunio Cloud Storage App

Otherwise you may download this best free online storage for iPhone application from the following link and Sync with iTunes.

iTunes Download link : Yunio The Perfect File Storage with Sync

Once the download completes, launch the application and create an account with them using your email ID or you can create account by going to this link: <Yunio Home Page>

Login to the Yunio application where you can start backup your iPone contents up to 100GB!

I hope 100GB is big enough for an average guy who often takes photos and videos.

Getting Started with Yunio Interface

First of all Yunio is cross platform service, means Yunio tools are available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows etc.
It doesn’t matter which operating system you belong to, carry your files wherever you go. You may upload files, sync folders, share and collaborate on them with other Yunio users.

Create New Folder, Upload files, Access Camera App
Once you are logged onto the Yunio App, you could see a cloud icon,

Yunio The Perfect File Storage with Sync

It will provide you some options like Create New Folder, Upload photos and videos directly from Camera roll folder, access camera right away from the app and save the taken photos to cloud right over there.

Yunio The Perfect File Storage with Sync Optioons

Yunio File management Options and Sharing
By tapping at the top left corner options you may access Files and folders, recycle bin etc.
There is one ‘My Photos’ directory where you can enable auto image backup of your iPhone.

Yunio File management Options

It will allow you to sync Camera Roll directory to Yunio cloud, which is really an awesome feature.

Sync and non-sync folders
Most of us are multi-platform users like iOS, Windows, MAC etc. from multiple machines. Sync folders lets synchronize your files always regardless of whatever device you have PC, Mobile etc.

Cloud Folder sharing
File sharing is another added advantage of Yunio; How to share folder between other Yunio users?
Create a folder and tap and scroll to left,

Yunio Cloud Folder sharing

You will see options to create group. Just tap on that,
Once you shared your cloud folder, it will be visible under shared folder area in the Yunio control panel.

Yunio Cloud Folder sharing with group
Tap and scroll to left and go to details in order to see the sharing link.

Yunio Cloud Folder sharing link

Send the link to other users and collaborate with them.

Yunio Cloud Folder sharing get the sharing link

Compare iPhone Cloud Storage Services

As I stated above there are many cloud storage services available. I would like to compare DropBox Vs SkyDrive Vs GoogleDrive with Yunio.

DropBox Vs SkyDrive Vs GoogleDrive with Yunio

DropBox 3 GB
SkyDrive 7GB
Google Drive 15GB
Yunio 100 GB
This comparison is based on their free plans only, premium plans are different.

Why should you go for premium, already we have Yunio? Yes, Install it now…!

By the way let me know whether this App is useful for you or do you have any other App. Please share your views below.

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