[Solved] How to Save a Location in Google Maps iPhone 5s, iOS 7

By | January 11, 2014

As we know, Google Map is the popular App that is available for almost all devices like Android, iPhone, iPad etc. Google Maps app lets you to navigate across the world.

It is probably the single most importunate tool to have within your iPhone.

Recently I bought a new Apple’s iPhone 5s smart phone, it was an exciting moment in my life. According to me, Apple iPhone is really awesome especially in Speed, Touch sensitivity etc…! iPhone 5s (also iPhone 5c) comes with iOS7, the latest operating system from Apple.

More over iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 etc. devices are upgradable to iOS7. I’ve personally started exploring iOS 7 with my new iPhone 5s.

Apple released iOS 7 during the WWDC keynote on 2013 June 10, including a brand new design and many more cool features.

Zoom and slide animations; the home screen boasts parallax, with icons apparently floating above subtly animating wallpaper makes iOS7 more attractive.

While exploring with iOS7 I felt some differences between iOS7 from the old versions of Apple’s mobile Operating systems like iOS6 in iPhone 4, 4s etc.

It often happens that you are saving your favorite places of Google Map on your iPhone or iPad that you wish you could access later on. Unlike iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iOS6, Apple iOS7 Google Map app has little difference while saving favorite locations. App developers of Google map iPhone 5 iOS 7 Apple have made some additional features for iOS7. So How to save location in Google maps iPhone?

Save a Location in Google Maps iPhone 5s, iOS 7

Download Google Maps App for iPhone

Many users of iOS 7 like you are frequently looking for the way that can add favorite places on their iPhone.
Here I’m gonna suggest you the tweak on How to save Google Map favorite locations in iPhone 5s (iPhone 5c, iPad Air) or iOS7.

Details right after the jump…

Save Google Map location in iPhone iOS7

Step 1:
Launch Google map for iPhone 5

Google Map App for iPhone 5s iOS 7

Step 2:
Choose the location you would like to save, Tap on the name of location you wanna save, a Balloon icon pop up.

Save a Location in Google Maps iPhone 5s
Now see the location and information displayed right under the bottom side of map.
Simply Drag the location info upwards.

Step 6:
Tap on Save button.

How to Save a Location in Google Maps iPhone 5s
That’s all, the whole process is very smooth, and the location has been added to the favorite list of Google Maps.

Access Saved Google Maps later

Ok, Now let’s see how we can access this saved location in Google map of iOS 7

Step 1:
Tap on Profile button at the top right corner

how to save location in google maps on iPhone 5s

Step 2:
You will see the Saved places in Google Map under the label “Saved places

how to save locations in google maps for iPhone 5s

Save Location in Google Maps iPhone JPG Format

Well, if you would like to send a location map to your friends or family, screenshot feature of iPhone is best suited. This will take a complete screen print of your iPhone with whatever in it and save as a picture PNG or JPG.

In this way you can save location in Google maps iPhone picture and send it to friends while inviting them for a party or some events.

Let me explain the method to save location in Google maps iPhone locally

Launch Google Map application in your iPhone 5s; navigate the place where you like to save location in Google maps iPhone image.

Now, here is our real trick to take screenshot of iPhone, just hit Home button and Lock button together….!

How to take screenshot of iPhone 5s copy

Yah… That’s it.

Screen shot has been taken and it’s automatically saved into Camera Roll folder under Photos library of your iPhone.

Checkout Photos → Camera Roll,

Save location in google maps iPhone jpg


You will find the saved Google Map location in your iPhone iOS 7.

Save location in google maps iphone picture

Even though I’m speaking about iPhone 5s, follow the same method to save Google map location iOS7 Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod touch etc.
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