[Solved] The Feature That You Are Trying to Use is On a Network Resource That is Unavailable Java

By | September 11, 2013
Some network viruses cause Java uninstalling issue. This is a common type of error found while uninstalling programs, not only in java but also i-tones, Blackberry software and some other applications too.The PC doesn’t allow us to remove or uninstall programs. As a Technical Support Engineer I faced this problem yesterday on a client PC running with Windows XP.

When I try to uninstall java, I get this message “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available” and I cannot uninstall java. Windows will ask for the file “jre1.6.0_20-c.msi” and that was missing.

So what to do? How to fix uninstall errors?

As usual, I did some experiments on java uninstall tool and at last I found an easy solution to rectify this problem.

Windows Uninstall error

Below I figured everything what I did to solve this java problem. Even though this article is focused on Java problem, you can apply this method to resolve this kind of issues elsewhere. For example i-tones.msi, Blackberry8130.msi.

Please Note:
While resolving this problem I was in a “do or die situation” in my company, so I didn’t get enough time to take screenshots with Windows XP.

Later I experimented on with my Windows 7 computer for taking the screen shots. All the following images are based on Windows 7, but the same steps I had applied in Windows XP.


Step 1:
Download this “Microsoft Fix” zip archive file.

Step 2:
Unzip the file and Run “Launch Fix it” application.
Step 3:
From the Microsoft Fix it window choose “Install or Upgrade software or hardware

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 4:
Now we have to run “Fix problems with programs that can’t be installed or uninstalled”, hit Run Now button.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 5:
Choose second option ‘Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply’ and proceed.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 6:
Now the troubleshooter will ask you about which part you are facing error. I have problem with Uninstalling, so I selected Uninstalling.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 7:
From this window select which program you want to uninstall. As I mentioned earlier the screenshots are from my personal computer, thus for example I took Nero uninstalling images, but actually I did it for Java. Click Next. 

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 8:
Select ‘Yes, try uninstall’ and proceed. The trouble shooter will apply necessary patches and automatically repair programs installation issues because of corrupted registry keys and blocked installation.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Step 9:
Go to control panel and now try to uninstall Java. That’s all…

This Microsoft troubleshooter is also applicable for many windows related computer errors, so keep the file for future use.

Please let me know if still you have any doubts via the comment box below.

39 thoughts on “[Solved] The Feature That You Are Trying to Use is On a Network Resource That is Unavailable Java

  1. Nick Ball

    Thankyou so much! i have been trying for days! i can’t thank you enough!

  2. Uche

    When I downloaded the fix it application it downloaded as a web service so can’t extract the file out.

  3. Acan

    Thanks so much Jaseem!
    Been trying so hard for few weeks to uninstall a program but to no avail.
    It took less than 10 minutes to do it by using your solutions.

    However, I am unable to download Microsoft Fix from the link provided.
    So, I download Microsoft Fix from the following link:

  4. Jessie Downey

    Thank you so much for the solution! Was trying to install Target’s Catalina program and kept getting that error. Followed your steps and I finally got it to work! Thank you so much! I’ve been missing out on some good Target coupons before finding this fix.

  5. Heather

    THANK YOU! I have been trying to uninstall Driver Support for what seems like eons and after the troubleshooter finished, the program had already been removed. If I could bow online I would. Thank you!!!

  6. Kelvin chanda

    Thanks very much ……it worked like magic. I strongly recommend my fellow friends to go for this . Kelvin

  7. Kelvin chanda

    My problems are now fixed . Kelvin Chanda , Zambia.

  8. Lisa Dobbin

    Awesome! Ive been trying to download Fix IT for ages and it wouldnt work but your Zip file seems to have done the trick and i now have Itunes back on my laptop!

    You are a STAR!


  9. Robin

    Works like magic!!! This problem has been bothering me for months, thanks for making my day!!!

  10. Raymond

    Thousands and Millions thanks for the solutions. I have the exact problem with uninstalling the Java and been struggling for days. Your solution is perfect! Thanks~

  11. Tanay

    Worked like a Magic. Thanks Admin. You saved my A$$ otherwise, that CorelDraw was neither Uninstalling nor Installing. Once again Thank You.

  12. Andi

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I could uninstall Salesforce for Outlook with your help.

  13. Admin Post author

    Hi all,
    Good day, Very glad to know it helped you guys. And thanks to everyone for the feedback.

  14. Louie Johnson

    Thank you for pointing us to Fix-It ! I had a devil of a time upgrading LibreOffice until Fix-It made it possible. It is very rare that I’ve found a practical solution to a problem in a message board environment. Your solution is fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Ron Johnstone

    This worked really well. REALLY well and saved me a great deal of work. I was minutes away from going ground up! Easy to follow and straightforward. THX

  16. sun hao

    holy mother lord this works like a magic!finally i can reinstall my EVGA precisionX !!!!
    Amazing man amazing!!!!

  17. frank

    Question….I am working with Blackberry Link…it says there is an update available and i get the network resource message. When i use the fixit utility, it asks at one point if i want to uninstall blackberry link (I had selected installing it as the problem)…I dont want to uninstall it because i dont want to lose playlists etc so when i say no, it says no problems found and does nothing for me. Any ideas?

  18. CHRIS

    Thank you so much! worked perfectly. I about gave up on getting rid of itunes to be able to update it and found this site on accident. fastest fix ever 😀

  19. Moldred

    Thank you so much!!!
    I was updating Itunes when the power went out, then i cant uninstall the corrupted file, then I google it for a solution and I found this site.

  20. Abaduloxos

    Dayum this still works, beautiful. those out there who are facing this problem must use this

  21. Tara

    WOW!!!! Still working towards the end of 2016!! This is a godsend, deleted dodgy programs that wanted to stay right were they were!!! Ive had so much hassle, trying to remove them from the registry etc.. wish i stumbled across this ages ago…quick, EASY and GETS THE JOB DONE!!! (I was actually skeptical it remove the shit i had stuck lol)
    Thankyou sooooo much!!!


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