[Easy] How to Remotely Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

By | September 28, 2013
How to enable remote desktop connection in a remote computer? What you will do if you want remotely access a PC where Remote desktop connection is disabled?Network Administrators often face this kind of situation while providing remote desktop support. As a Network admin, I too encountered this.

One day I ran in to a problem, in order to fix it I need remotely enable remote desktop connection. In this article I will show you how get access to a remote computer if it is remote disabled.

Remote access provides easy administration and troubleshooting of remote computers.
It is pretty easy and you can control the remote PC just as your local computer.

You can install uninstall programs, repair, add features, troubleshoot and do much more using remote desktop access facility in windows.

Some third party software also providing this Remote facility over internet, like Team Viewer, AAMMYY but it is less secure because your connection goes through the third party server.

This tutorial covers remotely enabling remote desktop with reference to Windows Server 2008.

What was the reason for this article?

I’m writing this article from my critical experience that I had faced in my career. 

One day my manager told me to check one client PC for some troubleshooting purpose, and he said resolve the issues before the next day because present day was already over.

I had to stay in our company until I finish my job. I try to connect remote desktop, but remote desktop connection is not enabled in that PC. So I called the person who is in the remote location using the PC for enabling the remote desktop option, unfortunately he left because his duty time has been over!

It was really crazy! How I log in to the remote PC? I didn’t know even the IP address. I already promised to Manager that I can do it before tomorrow……

The only thing that I knew was the Name person who are using the computer, the name only!

With this knowledge  of Name, I successfully did my task within 20 minutes. Do you know what I did?
I explained everything here, one video demonstration also provided for easy understanding.

Note: – To proceed further, your Remote PC must be under the domain and you have Admin privileges.

Step 1: Find IP address from the knowledge of Name (If you already know the IP you may skip this step)
Log in to Windows Server 2008 and navigate to
Start → Administrative tools → DNS

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Expand your Domain name and Forward lookup zone.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

There you can see the PC Names and corresponding IP addresses. Select accordingly.

Step 2: User log on credentials
Go to
Start → Administrative tools → Active Directory of Users and Computers

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Right click on your Domain name and Find the exact user by typing starting letters.

Once you found the user, double click and take Account tab where you can see exact user name.

(If you know the password it is fine, otherwise Reset the Password by right clicking in the User)

Step 3: Remotely enable remote registry service
Go to
Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools

Then look for Services, and launch it.

In the left top corner you can see Services (Local), this is the Services of your local Server, we need Services of remote PC.
So right click on Services (Local) → Connect to another computer … 

Select a computer window will appear. Click Advanced button followed by Browse button and write the starting Name,
then Find Now.

Once you got the remote computer, click OK to access its Services.

Click Standard tab and search for Remote Registry.

Right click on the Remote Registry and Start the service.

Now you enabled Remote Registry access!

Step 4: Enable remote desktop by editing registry (regedit)
Next, we want to do registry edit for enable remote desktop.

Open Run and type regedit. You will be directed to Registry Editor.

Go to File → Connect Network Registry … 

Click Advanced button and find the remote computer again for accessing its registry.

Now we have to edit the remote PC registry for enabling Remote Desktop access, just navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → System → CurrentControlSet → Control → Terminal Server.

At the right side window Change the value of “fDenyTSConnections” to “0. Click OK,

(This registry key responsible for terminal server).

That’s all… You did it…!

Now the Remote Desktop Connection has been enabled on the remote PC remotely. Try to connect to that computer, and perform your troubleshooting.

Please watch the practical video that I did in my company.

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