[Solved] Windows 8 Black Screen After Login with Cursor

By | June 16, 2013
How to solve Windows 8 back screen error after boot?Recently I installed Windows 8 and Avast antivirus on my Lenovo (Idea Pad S400) laptop but after the successful installation I ran in to windows 8 black screen on startup issue.At the beginning actually I didn’t know what is the reason behind this problem but later I did some googling and came to know how to fix Windows 8 Black screen error after logon.

Reason for Windows 8 Black Screen on Startup

After booting I can access logon window but after I entering my login password the screen become black with cursor.

There is no start menu, desktop etc. I thought this is due to some virus, I already installed Avast antivirus on my PC.

But actually Avast Antivirus is responsible for Black Screen error. At the startup of Windows, Avast blocking the explorer.exe and SystemS­ettings.exe files hence Windows unable to show the GUI.

How to Fix Windows 8 Black Screen with Mouse

Here I’m gonna to explain the steps that you have to follow to recover Windows 8 black screen boot.
Step 1:Run new task on Windows 8 Task Manager
Hit Shift + Control + Escape to open Windows Task Manager and run a New task.

Click Browse button

Then go location of AvastUI

C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastUI.exe” Then hit enter

Step 2: Behavior Shield settings in Avast Pro
In the Avast window go to Security >> Behavior Shield

(Click on the image to Enlarge)

Click the Settings button.

(Click on the image to Enlarge)
Update: Those who are using Free version of Avast, the settings are little bit difference. Click here for the screen shot : Behavior shield settings in Avast free

Step 3: Adding Trusted Processes in Avast
Select Trusted Processes

(Click on the image to Enlarge)

Now add the following (Copy and Paste from here)


Click OK and Restart your machine, Black screen will not appear any more..!
Was this Windows 8 black screen fix tutorial helpful for you?

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20 thoughts on “[Solved] Windows 8 Black Screen After Login with Cursor

  1. Anonymous

    thanks alot
    works great and saved me from formatting it again

  2. sri

    Thanx a lot buddy 🙂 It was very helpful for me… Thanq so much… could you please tell me whether this problem will keep on repeat?

  3. Anonymous

    I have a similar problem and its driving me nuts. Instead of a black screen, its purple and it seems to be constantly switching between a purple screen and the start menu. Other than that its the EXACT problem, I could move my mouse and everything (includes ctrl alt del). I don’t have avast but I do have an expired Norton program and I was using avg before this problem happened. Any chances of one of these two causing the problem like avast?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Admin

      Let me ask you, whether your laptop is new or very old? In old laptops this may happen if any keyboard button have damage.

  4. Ray

    When do I hit the three keys? I got black screen and is not working…

    1. Jaseem Post author

      Hi Ray,
      Try to boot as safe mode by holding F8 key while rebooting

  5. Anna Elliot

    Would this work with McAfee? I have the same problem with the black screen and cursor that moves.

  6. Lau Prado

    I have same problem but i dont have anti virus installed..whats the other apps that cause this problem

  7. Ashish Dubey

    the main problem is that task manager is not opening

  8. harden


    I have a similar problem with the black screen with cursor, I have tried task manager and safe mode but it would not working, any further assistance?

  9. sivakumar

    It’s not working!!!!! I do all the menction as above but this problem was not solved


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