[Solved] Operation failed with error 0x0000007e – Share printer between 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7

By | June 29, 2013
Are you new to 64 bit Windows 7? You might be wondering how to share printer between 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) windows.

When you try to connect printer from a 64 bit Windows that is shared on 32 bit windows you will get an error message “Windows cannot connect to the printer Operation failed with error 0x0000007e”.

Recently, I had some troubles setting up some network printers on computers running 64-bit.

Before going to the technical description let me figure out my situation.
In my I.T department the printer is shared on a 32 bit Windows 7 computer. I installed 64 Windows on my desktop. After the installation I tried to connect the shared printer.

I was unable to connect the shared printer since it was on 32 bit.

I was getting an error message “Windows cannot connect to the printer Operation failed with error 0x0000007e”

I tried different methods windows 7 file and printer sharing; at last I found the simple solution for windows printer sharing. Here are the steps that I followed.

Share 32 bit printer 64 bit windows 7

Step 1:
Open Start >> Devices and Printers

Step 2:
Click Add a printer button

Select Add a Local Printer

Now go for Create a new port, nothing to do for Type of port, keep as it is and click Next.

Step 3:
You will be asked to provide ‘Port Name’, the format of port address is shown below

\\IP Address of the 32 bit PC\Printer name

For example our printer is connected to a PC having IP and the printer name is HP LaserJet P2050 Series PCL6 (Copy 1) so my port Name will be

\\\ HP LaserJet P2050 Series PCL6 (Copy 1)

Then click OK
Step 4:
Choose your printer from the directory [Actually our printer is HP LaserJet P2050 but it was not in the directory, hence I choose something similar, that is HP LaserJet P2200] and proceed.

Step 5:
Provide a Printer name foe the new printer.

Step 6:
You Successfully added new shared printer…! You can print test page if needed.

Your new printer will listed under ‘Devices and Printer

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17 thoughts on “[Solved] Operation failed with error 0x0000007e – Share printer between 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7

  1. Anonymous

    hello guys,

    thank for the posted, its really help.


  2. Jon

    Didnt help me at all i have the exact same printer as you but when i try this i get access denied

    1. Jaseem Post author

      Hi Jon,
      Do you have administrator rights? Please use Admin account for adding printer

      1. G

        What if I have administrator rights but it still appears as access is denied?

  3. Art

    This article defeats the purpose of accessing a shared printer hence it does not address the real issue. You are printing directly to IP so yes it will work but its a patch and not a true solution to the error in the first place.

  4. about2flip

    Thanks you saved me from a long night of stress trying to figure this issue out.

  5. Balazs

    The same sitoation: “HP LaserJet P2055d PCL6” shared on a 32 bit win7 computer and I’d like to use it from a 64bit computer. The windows finds the printer but then “0x0000007e”
    If I try the method posted above I get “Access is denied”!
    The solution::
    Go to the computer the printer is connected to and install the x64 driver to it:
    printers / right click to the printer –> printer’s preferences / sharing / additional drivers (or something like that… sorry, I haven’t got english win7)
    then tick “x64” and click “OK”
    After that you have to specify the driver’s location on the computer.
    If you are success the 64bit computer will find and install the driver automatically via the network.
    Good luck!

  6. panji trisera

    thank you very much.
    this guide help me to fix the problem.
    very useful 🙂

  7. Boozer

    Hey, this really works! I’ve managed to install my printer shared on XP 32bit on Win7 64bit and Win10 64bit 🙂
    Thaks a lot man! You’re great!

  8. SMEsme

    Thanks aloooooooooooooot…. i couldn’t share a hp 2035 printer on 2 client with the same x32 bit windows 7


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