How to Add New OS in Windows 7 BCD Boot Menu – Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012

By | June 9, 2013
How to edit windows 7 Boot menu? How to configure multiple boot or dual booting options in Windows 7 BCD boot menu? This is the most common problem when you are running more than one operating system on same machine.Once you installed latest windows, the older version of windows move to secondary in boot menu. If you want to manage the boot option you have to perform come command prompt tricks. BCD.exe file is responsible for Windows 7 boot menu options. Unlike Windows XP Boot.ini is disappeared in windows 7 OS.

You may be able to find 3rd party softwares to manage dual boot options, but I recommend command prompt method for proper modification of your Windows 7 boot options.

Yesterday I installed the trial Version of Windows Server 2012 on my PC, But after installation my boot menu display order changes to Windows Server first and Windows 7 second I need reverse. Also Server turns to default OS…!

With the help of EasyBCD (BCD editing software) I tried to edit the boot sequence and display order, but it made damage all my BCD configurations. After that I cannot start even my Windows 7..! I put my Windows 7 CD and performed Startup repair, it give me Windows 7 back and disappeared Server 2012.
But I need dual boot Windows server 2012 and Windows 7. I did some command prompt experiments in order to modify boot options and BCD entries. You can do these steps if you have any problems on your boot options, even if you cannot boot after installing new OS, Also possible to Change the name of boot menu entries etc.

How to load Windows 7 Default BCD boot configurations – Rebuild BCD

Do these steps if you cannot access any operating system. Insert Windows 7 CD and go to Repair Your Computer.

Run command prompt from the Windows 7 CD at Start-up. Type the following on command prompt hit enter after each command.

  • bootrec /rebuildbcd
  • bootrec /fixmbr

Now restart your computer, you are able to access Windows 7 now. How to retrieve back Other Windows? (In My case Server 2012)

Add New Windows Server 2012 Entry to Boot Menu

Open Command Prompt as Administrator then run the commands

bcdboot [drive]:\windows 

Change [drive] as your OS drive i.e. I installed Server on H:\ drive so the command should be like

bcdboot H:\windows 

Now we have added new entry but it will be the 1st entry in the boot options and also the default OS.

Change display order of OS from the Boot Menu

Step 1: 
Run the following command as administrator


It will show the current boot menu entries (Here Windows Server 2012 is the 1st entry and Windows 7 is the 2nd entry)

Please note the identifiers of each operating system. Here

  • Server Identifier – {default}
  • Windows 7 Identifier – {current}

NB:- Sometimes the identifier looks like {87d20782-d0c2-11e2-bed0-1c6f65e04da2}
Step 2:
To change Windows 7 as 1st entry Run the following command as Administrator

Bcdedit.exe /displayorder {current} {default} 

Sometime your identifier looks like {c84b751a-ff09-11d9-9e6e-0030482375e6} instead of {current} or {default}. In such situations you must give the identifier as it is (long number).

How to Change Default OS Sequence from Boot menu

Step 1:
Right click on My Computer and take Properties.
Step 2:
Go to Advanced System Settings

In the Advanced tab click Settings button under Startup and Recovery section.

Change the default operating system and click OK,

That’s all…!

How Rename the Boot menu entries – Description of Boot Entry

If you want to rename the BCD entries, run the following command

bcdedit /set {identifier} Description “name you want”

bcdedit /set {87d20782-d0c2-11e2-bed0-1c6f65e04da2} Description “Windows Test”

See the result by typing bcdedit
I think your issue solved! Still you have problem? Comment here..

One thought on “How to Add New OS in Windows 7 BCD Boot Menu – Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012

  1. KK

    Dear Mubashir,
    This post has been a life saver today. I had tried t dual boot Linux with my windows and it got messed up. My machine was not booting up at all.
    I installed another copy of Windows but original windows had disappeared. Your post helped me to bring the original windows to boot menu and able to boot through it.

    thanks Much


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