[Solved] How to Open Skype through Proxy?

By | May 4, 2013
How to set proxy for Skype? Skype is an IP telephony (VOIP: Voice Over IP) web video conferencing software that provides free calling between Skype users and low-cost calling to direct telephone or mobile from computer. In addition to typical telephone calls, Skype allows file sharing, texting, video chat and videoconferencing.

Reason behind this Article

If you are working in a company most probably your Internet connection is through proxy server. When you connect to the internet via a proxy server, Skype will automatically identify your proxy settings from Internet Explorer. Although, in some occasions Skype unable to detect proxy server automatically. Hence, you can’t login to Skype. If you are aware about your proxy settings you can configure yourself Skype to connect to your proxy server. I usually login to Skype in our company network through proxy settings. Here is the steps.

How to set proxy for Skype

Here I’m going to explain about how to login Skype with proxy server settings. It is very easy.
Prerequisites: To set proxy, you should know your ‘Proxy server IP’ and ‘Port number’.
Step 1:
Open ‘Tools’ then ‘Connection options’ it will open Skype Internet connection settings.

Step 2:
Enter the port number for incoming connections as 80, and then select ‘SOCS5’ from the drop down menu. In the host field you should enter IP Address of the Proxy server after put port number (eg: 8010, 8080).

After doing this click ‘Save’, restart Skype…

That’s all, You have done…!

One thought on “[Solved] How to Open Skype through Proxy?


    If above solution don’t work do this, It worked for me…
    press WINDOWS + R type %appdata%
    find skype folder there rename it skype_old.
    Again WINDOWS + R type regedit.exe
    then SOFTWARE
    then Policies
    then Skype
    then Phone
    then right click ProxyAddress go to modify and put your proxy in value data.
    Similarly for ProxyPassword give your proxy password which may be your system login password.
    Go to ProxySetting right click modify Put Enable in value data.
    Go to ProxyUsername right click modify and give your username.

    Exit from regedit and restart the skype.
    Try login Hope it will work , Enjoyyy!!!!


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