Networking between Host Computer and Virtual Machine PC- Oracle VM VirtualBox

By | May 27, 2013

How to Ping from host computer to Virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox? Here I will show you how to make use of VirtualBox host only Ethernet network adapter for communicating between Virtual PC and Host computerHost-only networking is another networking approach in virtual box network. With bridged networking, the virtual machines can communicate internet through a physical Ethernet. But host only network adapter meant for internal networking and testing however, a physical networking interface need not be present.

Virtual PC is essential for any Network administrators for exploring and testing network issues. Here let’s see How to set Static IP to VirtualBox host only network card and ping between Host and Virtual PC.

Before going to the technical description let me explain my environment.

Host : Windows 7
Virtual PC : Windows Server 2012 on Oracle VM VirtualBox

Problem : I want to Ping between my Windows 7 computer and Virtual Windows Server 2012.  After installing Windows Server 2012 in VirtualBox I was unable to ping from my host PC to Virtual computer.

Refer the below image, The Host-Only Network adapter is one end of a Virtual network cable, the other end is located at Virtual PC in the name of  Ethernet

Let’s Begin Host only network

As the name indicating there is only Host for networking. This adapter will connect Virtual PC and Host only. No outside connection (Internet, or Other network).
Step 1:
Open Network and Sharing center >> Adapter Settings in host computer (Windows 7) and look for VirtualBox Host-Only Network adapter

Step 2:
Right click and take Properties,

Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4.

Step 3:
Put a Static IP. Here I used Class B IP address with default subnet mask. No need of preferred DNS server.

[Read More: IP Address, Classes and Subnet Mask]

Step 4:
Now come to Virtual Box, take Settings and then Network. Select Host-Only Adapter from Attached to drop down menu. That’s all click OK

Step 5:
Run Virtual PC and go to Network Adapter settings,

Also assign a Static IP address in the same range that you assigned to the host before. No need of preferred DNS server.

Step 6:
Open command prompt then try ping to host and vice versa. Refer the screen shots below.

My Host (Windows 7) Static IP :
Virtual PC (Windows Server 2012) Static IP :

Virtual box windows server pinging from Host Windows 7

Host is pinging from VirtualBox Server

Yes it is Pinging…! Cheers..

7 thoughts on “Networking between Host Computer and Virtual Machine PC- Oracle VM VirtualBox

  1. Amadeu Alexandre

    Great ! very well explained i had a problem in the past bu was solved using the same method.


  2. christian

    I have this issues, my virtualbox clients can’t ping each other but they can ping and telnet to all the routers in GNS3.

    How do i solve this?

    thanks in advance

  3. Sadhu

    Cool worked for me from Win 2008 r2 to Linux VM box..

  4. sravan

    I installed virtual box and installed linux embedded distribution OS legato is running in it. SO how can i establish the connection between my host which is windows7 and legato?


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