How to Solve Windows 7 Logged on with Temporary Profile

By | May 1, 2013
In some case we are facing windows 7 temporary profile issue. Let’s see how to repair corrupted windows 7 profile through windows 7 registry repair. While operating with Microsoft’s Windows 7 over the past few years I have observed that sometimes when working with workgroup and domain environment multiple profiles that they can occasionally get corrupted.In this case windows 7 temp profile will open by showing a message box at system tray bar (check the screen shot). In order to come back, you should perform windows 7 temporary profile fix.

Reason behind this Article

I’m working as ‘Network Administrator’; I’m facing this problem since many years. Yesterday I tried to solve windows 7 temporary profiles issue. Here I explained the step by step procedure how I did it. This temporary profile windows 7 troubleshooting guide definitely helpful for you.

How it comes

If you deleted your personal profile folder from C:\Users to bring a new one and unexpectedly Windows 7 complains about you have been logged on with a temporary profile

Follow These Steps to Fix User Profile Windows 7

Logon with admin privilege user, and then go to start, in the search area type regedit then enter. In the registry editor window go to
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Step 1

In the regedit window go to

(Click on the image for enlarged view)

Step 2

In the profile delete the affected profile’s subfolder. How to find the affected profile. Expand the profile list. Here you can see the SIDs with .bak extension.

(Click on the image for enlarged view)

Step 3

Select that SID and check in the right side the affected user is listed or not. If the user is listed delete the SID

(Click on the image for enlarged view)

Make sure you are deleting the correct user profile.

Logoff and Logon with the username that you want to restore.

3 thoughts on “How to Solve Windows 7 Logged on with Temporary Profile

  1. Anthony

    Hi on my issue like temp profile.
    after login on temp profile looking on cmd >>> c:\users\temp>
    that’s how I know when my desktop on temp profile issue.

    on my case, when I login to local admin and check the regedit there is no .bak folder.
    How to fix this kind of temp profile issue.



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