How to Gmail Remote Sign-out from Other Locations

By | May 5, 2013
What you will do if you forget to logout Gmail from another computer? How can i sign out from my Gmail account in a remote location? Consider the situation that you had logged in to your Gmail from your friends computer and forget to log out..! Your email account may hold a lot of personal information, bank alerts, love letters etc. I’m sure; you don’t always want other people to see. Your friend may blackmail you regarding to this personal mails, right? So it is very important to know how to logout my Gmail account from another remote location. In this article we are going to explain how to resolve this problem.

Reason behind This Article

Sometimes I sign into my Gmail account from a friend’s house when I want to check an essential email. Usually I think of to sign out, but every occasionally I wonder if I actually did. Now I no longer have to wonder.

Gmail Remote Sign-Out: Steps to Protect Your Gmail Account

Step 1: 
Login Gmail using your username and password.

Step 2:
In the right bottom corner, click in the Detail link it will show Activity Information Window.

Step 3: 
In the activity information window you can find Sign out all other session, Click the button Now you are signed out from all other locations.

If you click the detail link again you will be able to find ‘This account does not seems to be open in any other location

Now you are 100% safe…!

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