How to Create Local Database Data Files or Personal Folder in Outlook to Back up all E-Mails

By | May 2, 2013
Every corporate network uses Outlook for mail exchanging between users. Outlook Data Files, or Personal Folders, can be created in Microsoft Outlook, thus you can store, manage, and archive your e-mail on your local computer’s hard disk. How to backup outlook emails? By creating personal folder in outlook, we can decrease the volume of space used on the central exchange server. If your mail box size exceeds the allotted size, it may leads to dismounting of your account from the exchange. Now let’s see the steps for outlook backup email in (Outlook 2010).

How to Check Your Mail Box Size

500 MB of storage space is allocated for each Exchange e-mail account by default. You can check how much space you are using below steps.

Step: 1
File>> Mailbox Cleanup. Mailbox cleanup window will appear.

Step: 2
Click on the ‘View Mailbox Size’ button.

Select ‘Server Data’ tab, this will show the size of all folders in the server.

To ensure smooth working of ‘Exchange Server’ mail box, we should move the Mail data files to some local folder before it reaching allotted size.

Reason behind This Article

All exchange server mail accounts were dismounted recently in our company. As a ‘Network Troubleshooter’ I have to find a solution for this problem. When I crosschecked the issue, it was found to be most of the users exceeds the default capacity in mail box. So I created local database file to copy their mail to their own computer from server. Here I explained everything related to outlook personal folder backup 2010.

Steps to Create New Personal Folder in Outlook (Local Database File)

MS Office outlook has inbuilt options for backup outlook.
Step 1

Go to Files>> Account Settings, Account settings window will open.

Step 2:
Select ‘Data Files’ tab from the window and click ‘Add’ button.

Then explore appropriate location to save data files on your local computer. [Here I selected My Documents folder], put any name add click OK.

It will create a folder below your account name. Refer the screenshot below.

Step: 3
While expanding the newly created folder you will be able to see only 2 sub folders.

To show all the sub folders like default, go to Account Settings again and make the new data files as default.

A message box will appear, select Yes.

Now you can see all the sub folders.

After that we should make the Server folder as default again, for this go to Account Settings>> Data Files, and make server folder as default.

After creating these local folders drag and drop all the mails to appropriate folder. This will automatically backup every outlook mails to a single file that you created before in your local computer (My Documents folder). That’s all, You done!

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