Easy Way to Mount Physical Hard Disk Drive on VM VirtualBox without Command Prompt

By | May 22, 2013
How to access Local hard disk partitions or physical hard disk drive in Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine? We already discussed about Mounting and accessing Removable drive in VirtualBox.So here I’m going to explain about accessing local hard disk on VirtualBox.

Before going to the technical description let me explain how it is going to work.

Actually we are sharing the Local drive between our Host PC and Virtual machine. The shared file will be listed under the network places in the Virtual OS.

You can easily access this drive under virtual machine. This process is very simple excludes command prompt coding. Come let’s see,

How to Mount Entire Physical Disk Partitions in VM VirtualBox

I’m gonna to explain with a real example. I want to mount my F:\ drive partition on VirtualBox.

 (Click on the Image to Enlarge)

Step 1:
Go to ‘Settings‘ in the VM VirtualBox

Step 2: 
Now Click ‘Shared Folders’ in the settings window, and then select ‘Add Button’ at the right side.

(Click on the Image to Enlarge)

Step 3: 
Add Share’ window will appear, browse for the local hard disk by selecting ‘Others’ in the ‘Folder Path’ area

(Here I’m browsing my F:\ Drive).

Step 4: 
Put check marks on ‘Auto-mount’ and ’Make Permanent’ boxes. Then click ‘OK

Now you can see the shared local partition under the ‘Shared Folders’ area in VM VirtualBox.

Step 5: (Update: 30/May/2013  If you already installed Gust Additions Skip this step)
To Access this shared folder from Virtual Machine we should install VirtualBox Gust Additions on the Virtual PC, for this run Virtual PC and Go to  
Devices >> Install Gust Additions

Then your CD drive in Virtual PC turns to Gust Addition installation CD automatically,

Double click and Install the Set up (The installation screen shots are not shown here, just simple installation).

You will get some driver installation message box while installing, put check mark on Always Trust and proceed.

After installation reboot the machine

Step 6:
Here we go, after rebooting virtual OS go to My Computer, Yes that’s it…. Your local hard disk partition now listed here in the network location.

You can add any partition to Virtual machine via this steps, Hope this article solved your problems, Cheers…!

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