Best Remote Desktop Software TeamViewer- Installing With Permanent Password

By | May 25, 2013
With Remote desktop software you can access any computer that is connected to internet from anywhere in the world. There are different types of free remote desktop sharing software available in market;TeamViewer is one of the most popular among free remote desktop sharing software. With these free remote desktop service software you can able access office computer from your home or your friend’s computer for file sharing or installing new software or helping them to repair windows errors.

Reason behind this Article

Last week I sent one laptop to my home, but I forget to install some essential software. So I called them and told to download TeamViewer, after the installation I can access and share files to my home laptop from my company itself…!

Remote desktop access software- TeamViewer

Here I’m going to explain about one of the best remote desktop management software, TeamViewer.

How to install and use TeamViewer for sharing desktops or Laptop computers?.
First you need to download TeamViewer.exe software from their official site.

Here is the link : Download Team Viewer 8
After downloading let’s install the software

How to Install TeamViewer Remote Desktop software

Step 1:
Double click the setup file, Check the Install option and click Next

Step 2:
Select the personal / non-commercial use and click Next

Step 3:
Accept the terms and license agreement by checking the two check box, and click Next

Step 4:
Now you can see two options, if you select No (default), TeamViewer will install with default stings. That is the password of TeamViewer will change during each launch of the application.

If you select Yes, let’s set a constant password for our TeamViewer, so that you can access your PC from anywhere in the world…! Now select Yes and click Next.

Step 5:
Put a Name and password, don’t forget to confirm the password then click Next

Step 6:
Select the appropriate check box. If you don’t want to create an account with Team Viewer, select the last option and Next.

At last Finish button Team Viewer starts running in the system tray bar after the successful installation.

How to Connect a Remote Computer using Team Viewer

Now your partners can remote your computer with the automatically generated ID and password from your computer (You can use the permanent password or the auto generated password).

It is possible to connect only when the Team Viewer shows ‘Ready to connect’ at the bottom. If you need to connect your partner computer, type the partner ID in the partner ID column and click connect to partner button. TeamViewer will ask for a password. Type the partner password and click the log on button.

Now you are connected your partners desktop.

3 thoughts on “Best Remote Desktop Software TeamViewer- Installing With Permanent Password

  1. FosterR

    I thought free version of TeamViewer was meant to have no limitation. Unfortunately i can’t get my TeamViewer from not disconnecting every 3 minutes! It is really frustrating. I use Ammyy Admin now and would never recommend TeamViewer to anyone.

    1. Robert

      Teamviewer for personal use (free) doesn’t disconnect, unless there’s a problem with the internet between the guest and host PCs.
      I’ve had a connection running for many hours. It can also auto-reconnect. Something else must be wrong.

  2. Jaime Kings

    TV is great but not every IT budget can justify their prices.

    I switched to AEROADMIN and pretty happy with it. It looks like TV initital release but covers almost all my needs in remote desktop.

    Paid licenses start from 59$ per year.


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