What is a Domain in Windows Server 2008?

By | April 30, 2013
In a Corporate Network (LAN or WAN), a ‘Domain’ is a sub network of a group of users under a Windows server domain controller. Inside a domain, users validate security data once to a principal server called as a domain controller. The client computers and services accept the users according to the authorization of the domain controller.

Windows domain server holds a central database consisting of usernames and passwords all users. All computers are authentic within the windows server domain (also called windows domain authentication), in that way permitting access from a central point. So there is increased security along with easy management over many computers. This is a very simple explanation of Domain. Different types of Windows domain tools are available in the server in order to manage the network. We will discuss these tools in later articles.

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What is the Purpose of Domain?

  • A domain is a logical boundary of users; it’s to help us to manage the network.
  • To Enable, Disable permissions and network policies for a group of users.
  • Every user in the domain requires one username and password throughout the domain.
  • In order for people to have access to our network they’ll have to be entering their own user name and password.

Example of a Simple Network Domain

Here is a simple pictorial representation of one of the windows domains. Each domains are characterized by windows domain name.

What is a Domain Controller?

  • The Machine that manages user accounts is termed as Domain Controller. [This is very simple definition.]
  • A domain controller is a computer running one of Microsoft’s server operating systems like Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012.
  • The domain controller (DC) reacts to security authentication requests within a Windows Server domain.

Configuration of a Windows Domain

  • Computers can join to a domain simply through Local Area Network (LAN), or via Wide Area Network (WAN) or via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
  • At the beginning we should create a Domain in Windows server (easy process that we will discuss later). After setting up Domain we will add each and every computer in to the domain.
  • The central data base in the server called Active directory, all the users are added here and it will create log on server, so each user can login to any of the computers under our domain.

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