[Solved] Unable to open outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened

By | March 9, 2013
Have you ever faced an unable to open the outlook window problem when you are trying to open Outlook? Did you get any message like “Unable to open outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened. The set of folders could not be opened”. If you are searching for how to solve this issue,  then you are at the right place…! This issue arises due to the problem of .PST file folder. Let’s see how to fix this problem.Also Read: Easy way- How to Configure and set up Outlook 2007/ 2010 for exchange server

Reason behind this article

Last day I got a call from one of our company branches telling that their outlook email was not working. As a network administrator I had to fix this issue as early as possible, so I remote accessed their PC and when I tried to open their outlook I got a message as shown above . Main reason of this problem was unable to open your default email folders outlook. Hence at the starting time you cannot open the outlook windows.

What I did?

It is very easy to fix ‘unable to open outlook window’ problem. I just removed all the profiles that was there in the Windows mail settings. After that outlook was configured again. Let me explain the steps one by one below.

[Solved] Unable to open outlook 2007, unable to open outlook 2010

Step 1
Open Start>>Control Panel>>Mail. You will be getting a ‘Mail Set Up’ window.
Step 2
Before doing any modification let’s make a backup of Archive file. Otherwise you may lose your old mails. So click the ‘Data Files
then ‘Open Folder’ button.
Step 3 
Copy and paste the file in to a safe place.
Sometimes you are unable to paste. You will be getting an error message. In such a situation open ‘Task Manager’ by pressing ‘Alt+ Control+ Delete’ keys simultaneously.
Select the ‘Process’ tab and look for ‘OUTLOOK.EXE’ right click and select ‘End Process‘.
After that you can paste the archive file to any folder.
Step 4 
Click ‘Show Profiles’ button from the mail Set Up window.
It will display the current profiles in your computer. Then remove all the profiles by using ‘Remove’ button.
Step 5 
Now open Outlook, you will be asked to set up a new account. Then proceed.
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  1. bondman

    This solution worked for me using Vista and Outlook 2003. However, I saved the two profiles that I had to a safe place, but you don’t mention how to put them back so I can see all my old email when I open Outlook. Help.


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