How To Increase Font Size When Printing From Internet Explorer

By | March 12, 2013
How to get the page to print at a larger font size? How do I change the font size when printing from the internet? These are some of the problems faced by most of us while printing webpages. Some webpage fonts are very small and we are unable to read it after printing. Internet explorer has inbuilt option for increasing font size while printing. So in this article I’m going to explain how to change font size when printing from internet step by step.

Reason Behind This Article

Last day I got a call from one of our company branches saying that they are trying to print a web page from internet using Internet Explorer and their print out from internet explorer is too small. I recommended below method for them. See, how do I increase the font size when printing from the internet.

How to Increase Print Font Size and Print Larger (Large Print Guidelines)

How do I change font size for printing? The following screen shot and article written from my real life experience and is 100% genuine. I did this way to web page printing with larger fonts. Here we are dealing with internet explorer.
Step 1
Open ‘File>> Print Preview’.

If you are running Internet Explorer 9, You can’t find file menu there.

So press ‘Alt’ key, then Menu bar will appear.

Step 2 
Point your mouse to ‘Change Print Size’ area and choose a suitable size according to you.

Step 3 
Adjust the margin to fit the text inside the page.

Then click ‘Print Document’ button.

Check the printed pages, if it is small you can select larger print size for e.g. 150%, 200% etc.

Let me know if you got the idea on how to change print font size in internet explorer? And how to change print font size on web page? Please comment below…

One thought on “How To Increase Font Size When Printing From Internet Explorer

  1. Ralph

    Simple. Just go into yer printer setting and select printing preferences, change it from portrate print to landscape print. Bwala Bobs yer uncle. Worked for me


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