How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 7

By | March 16, 2013
How to enable remote access or remote desktop connection windows 7 in computers? This is really an interesting article for computer hobbyists, I.T and networking professionals. In a corporation network all the PCs are connected to a server and network engineers are responsible for trouble shooting all the computers, It is possible through remote access.Through remote assistance, you can connect any other computer and access its desktop and files just as in your computer. You will get a replica of remote PC on your desktop. Interesting na? Come let’s enable remote desktop connection in your computer. Before going to access remote desktop we must enable remote on other computer in our network. Here I’m going to explain about method of enable remote desktop windows 7.

Reason behind this article

I’m working as a Network engineer, after configuring new PC from the Hardware department I should enable remote desktop connection. Then only I can access remotely that computer in future. So here lets realize enabling of remote desktop connection on Windows 7 computer.

Step by Step procedure to enable remote desktop connection

Step 1 
Right click on the ‘Computer’ icon on the desk top and select ‘Properties

Step 2 
Click ‘Remote Settings’ link on the left side of the window.

Step 3 
Put check on the ‘Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer’, Also check ‘Allow connections from computers running any version of ‘Remote Desktop’. Then Apply and OK

Step 4 
Locate the ‘Network connectivity’ icon in your system tray bar, then open ‘Network and Sharing Center

Step 5 
Click the left side link to ‘Change advanced sharing settings’.

Here you can change sharing options for different network and network discovery. Check ‘Turn on network discovery’ and ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’. After click ‘Save changes’ button.

That’s all you done.
Now you have enabled your Remote Desktop access. We will discuss How to access another computer remotely in the next article.

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