How To Change Windows 7 Display Language to Arabic

By | March 19, 2013
How to make Arabic version of Windows 7? Some versions of Windows 7 especially Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise are available with more than one display language, which defines what localized languages are been used to display text in wizards,
dialog boxes, menus, Help and Support topics, and other objects in the total Graphical User Interface (GUI). Extra Display languages can be installed in Windows 7 with MIU (Multilingual User Interface) or LIP (Language Interface Pack) language packs. There are two methods to change existing Windows 7 language to alternative language. The first is to download Windows 7 language pack according to your requirement, the second is to install language pack through Windows Update. I recommend the 1st method since it is very easy and also you can use it for any computer at any time once you download the set up file.

Reason Behind This Article

One of our company branches located in Saudi Arabia and their manager asked me to change his windows 7 language from English to Arabic. So I did the below steps to change Windows 7 display language to Arabic.

How to Change Language in Windows 7

To convert Windows 7 Language to Arabic follow these steps.
Step 1: 
Identify your Windows 7 bit configuration (32 or 64 bit). Right click on the ‘Computer’ icon and take ‘Properties‘.

There you can find the ‘System type‘.

Step 2: 
Download the required windows 7 language interface pack from below link. You can use this setup for any computer once downloaded.

After downloading install the set up file

Step 3: 
After the installation go to ‘Control Panel’ and change the view to ‘Category

and look for ‘Clock, Language, and region’ then click ‘Change display language

Step 4: 
Choose the Arabic language and Apply.

You will be asked to ‘Restart’. After Restart your Windows 7 will be converted to Arabic Language.
Hope you get the steps windows 7 language change steps.

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  1. Mahmoud

    When changing the display language to Arabic, the change display language option is not available. What can I do to change to language from English to Arabic.


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