How to backup windows drivers with SEMPER before formatting PC

By | November 12, 2012
Backing up of correct drivers from your Windows based machine becomes a critical step while a system upgrade or formatting. How to back up windows drivers easily? How to back up entire computer drivers? Here SPT introducing simple driver backup service software SEMPER for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can save lot of time during computer formatting and restoration.SEMPER Driver Backup software is free backup tool for Windows operating system. SEMPER can back up drivers of all system devices and components of windows. Everything gets backed up by using this 1 click driver back up program. Read this article to know about how to backup drivers. This article also provides backup driver software free download.

Why you need to save/ back up drivers

Drivers are the important elements in Windows computer systems that permit the Operating System (OS) and other programs work together with PC hardware. Every hardware requires a driver in order to integrate with software program. A backup of windows drivers can be a safeguard while the whole thing wants to be formatted and newly installed. A driver backup before computer formatting might be used to restore the drivers once the system has been setup again. Tracking and downloading the whole drivers from internet is a time consuming process if you didn’t back up the drivers.

How do you back up your computer drivers with SEMPER driver backup tool?

Semper windows backup solution provides an easy-to-use 1 click driver backup and restoration utility.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Installation of SEMPER software is similar to an ordinary windows application installation.
 Launch the software, SEMPER will detect and lists all your windows drivers.
Step 3:
Click ‘Backup drivers’ button, that’s all, you done..!
A message box will appear as shown Click ‘Yes
SEMPER will backup all the drivers from your PC to a folder named ‘SemperDriverBackup’. The folder is located in My Documents.
Step 4:
Save the drivers to a CD or some permanent storage device.

How to restore drivers after windows formatting

Navigate to Configuration>> Select Driver Folder
Then select the location that your drivers are situated (CD, USB drive etc) after that click ‘Import’ button in the SEMPER home window.
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