How to solve google apps custom GoDaddy email not working problem?

By | October 19, 2012
Most of us use google apps custom email service for branding our mail. Google apps provide free service to set up custom mail if you own a domain. Godaddy is one of the most commonly used domain registrar cum host. Registering domain in GoDaddy is a simple process. However, after creating Google apps email through GoDaddy you may not be able to receive mails though you can send it. SPT also faced a similar problem after registering Google apps custom domain hosted in GoDaddy.We tried many ways to solve this issue and finally we succeeded that. Have you also faced a similar problem?

GoDaddy email server settings to solve custom domain email issue

Godaddy custom mail problem arises due to problem in MX (Mail Exchanger) section. Here is the step by step GoDaddy mail setup procedure to fix GoDaddy email problems.
Step 1:
Go to GoDaddy website and log into your account, then click on My Account tab at the top left corner.

Step 2:
Navigate to Domain under the Products tab. Then launch your specific domain.

Now you will see your domain control panel.

Step 3:
Look for DNS manager and click the Launch button at the bottom.

Then you will be taken to the Zone File Editor page. Scroll down to see the MX (Mail Exchanger) table. Now you will have to make some editing in MX record.

Step 4:
How to Update MX record? By default you will see two rows in the MX record table. When you move the mouse pointer on to that, you will be able to see an edit pencil button.

Now update the fields as follows.

Edit the first two raw using pencil edit button, add rest of the fields using Quick Add button.

Correct MX record of GoDaddy email server for Google Apps

After editing your MX record will be look like this

Step 5:
Save the Zone File and you done..!.

This may take some time (max ten minutes) for the action to take effect. Was this helpful to solve your GoDaddy email issues? Then don’t to forget to share this article. Still confused? Feel free to ask through the comment box below.

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