How to download flv videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

How to download flv video content with IDM? We already discussed about How to download torrent files faster using IDM (Internet Download Manager). IDM is one of the most popular download manager due to its incredible ability to make downloads faster. IDM can be used for the fast download from internet that includes almost all file formats like video files, audio files, picture files, documentaries etc.Another important feature is that it can be integrated into almost all the internet browsers. Moreover it provides virus protection, download resume and download speed acceleration facilities. Here I am going to give you a small tutorial on how to add new file extensions to IDM.

flv+in+idm How to download flv videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

How to add file types in IDM?

Though by default IDM supports many file formats it cannot identify some files. This problem can be solved easily by manually adding those extensions you need. So the next time IDM will be able to recognize those files and start downloading as usual.
Here is what you have to do to enable new file extensions in IDM.
Step 1:
Open IDM from your computer and go to the Downloads tab. Then select options from there.

Add+file+types+in+IDM How to download flv videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

Step 2:
Then you will be taken to a new window ‘Internet Download manager configuration’. Now go to File Types tab. There you can see a text box with the default supported files. Add the file extension that you want to add after a space.

Download+flv+in+IDM How to download flv videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

For example see how I have added FLV there.
Now you are done with the addition of new file format to IDM. Next time you can see IDM automatically detect the added file format and download them instantly.

4 thoughts on “How to download flv videos using IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

  1. Idm has shown new errors when downloading FLV type files from Youtube that after finishing download it shows “an error occurred during assembling of files ” Pls fix a solution

    • You may try restarting the computer and resume it again. Still if there’s problem, then you may uninstall and install IDM again. Hope that solves.

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